Knooppunt Waddenzee

I am happy to announce a popular scientific book that I recently co-authored: Knooppunt Waddenzee. For the time being, it is only available in Dutch but the title translates as ‘Wadden Sea Hub’. The book presents the results of a large Wadden Sea project to a broader audience; it tells the stories of five migratory bird species that are using the Wadden Sea as a stopover on their annual migration routes. This involves the stories of the red knot, a molluscivore wader, the bar-tailed godwit, a worm-eater, the brent goose, a herbivore with a preference for seagrass, the sanderling that also lives on beaches (all over the world) and the iconic spoonbill. “Knooppunt Wadden Sea” also formulates tools for management in order to better protect both these species AND the habitats they are using. We conclude that the Wadden Sea should be studied and protected in  an international context since birds (and fish) connect the Wadden Sea to both the Arctic and Africa. If you’re interested, the book can be ordered here (€17.50).


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