Griend research in the spotlight

My current research project that follows the development of the restored Wadden Sea Island Griend, received quite some media attention last week and this week.

The island of Griend after restoration measures in September 2016 (c) the Fieldwork Company

The project covers 4 research topics: 1) geomorphological development of the island, 2) connectivity between mudflats and the island, 3) breeding ecology of endangered sandwich terns and 4) the importance of Griend for sanderlings and other wading birds. The latter topic is covered by my colleague and PhD-student Emma Penning and I cover the first three topic with the support of many colleagues. More information on this project can be found on my (Dutch) blog

The story of Griend and the research on Griend – which is an uninhabited nature reserve – was covered by multiple journalists and even featured in the national television news (NOS 20h journaal) on September 1st. A list of news items on my research – in Dutch – can be found below.

Trouw: De mossel moet dit vogeleiland redden

Vroege Vogels televisie: Vogelparadijs Griend

Nederlands Dagblad: Griend kan niet zonder hulp

Vroege Vogels Radio: Onderzoek en herstel van vogeleiland Griend

NOS 20u journaal 1 september (laatste item)

NPO radio 1: Onderzoek op Griend

2017-09-01 21.05.26
Explaining about my research in a national television news item

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